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Absolutely Positively Getting Drug Info to Pharmacy Patients

Rick Fuelling, VP of Sales

No matter where the discussion about the cost of healthcare begins, it eventually stops at the question of how to manage chronic conditions.

And with good reason.

Chronic conditions — diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. — now consume more than half of every dollar spent on healthcare.

Medical breakthroughs, including drug therapies and other treatments, offer relief from debilitating symptoms and increase patients’ quality of life.

Yet many patients still suffer health declines, requiring additional care and resources, because they fail to take medication as prescribed and modify their lifestyles.

Which leads to the trillion-dollar question:

How can we motivate patients to become active in their own care?

So what’s the rub?

Most solutions to the “motivational issue” tend to ignore what we already know about pharmacy patients in particular and people in general: they care about their health, just not as much as it takes to follow their treatment plan over long periods. Read more...


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