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Roundy's switches to Learner Community® to improve training...

Roundy’s Supermarkets is the first traditional grocery store to adopt the Learner Community (LC), the latest eLearning platform developed by LearnSomething. Roundy’s migrated to LC in 2014 to more fully customize their employee training and management tools.

Now, Roundy’s has a platform tailored with their brand and vision, and is able to host a broad range of courses and employee tutorials. More than 25,000 employees have access to the Roundy’s LC portal directly through the Roundy’s website.

Employees are first introduced to LC during their new hire orientation. From there, Roundy’s offers employees a complete range of training options to help them achieve the next level of their professional development. The LC visual system keeps employees on target towards mastering additional store roles, or even becoming a store leader.

And, while employees access their Training Passport and Certification Guide to plan next steps, Roundy’s administrators are using data-driven tracker tools, virtually signing off on completed training tasks, and providing feedback with feedback forms. Employees also receive system-automated email reminders to encourage them to complete training goals.

The LC system focuses employees on how to make sound decisions and provide the exceptional shopping experiences Roundy’s customers expect. Intuitive, seamless and powerful, LC is an integral part of helping Roundy’s fulfill its vision of selling groceries while investing in people.

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